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Auto Dealer Inventory Distribution

Auto Dealer Inventory DistributionShowcase your dealership inventory and get your cars seen by a wider customer base when you take advantage of Auto Dealer Inventory Distribution from Ignition IDS. Our dealer inventory distribution is included with our website inventory management services, and gives dealership a greater range of visibility and a wider lead base with the opportunity to turn into customers.

How Does Dealer Inventory Distribution with Ignition Work?

Ignition’s available services for Auto Dealer Inventory Distribution are attached to our offerings for website inventory management. This is because our inventory distribution services use details about your vehicles directly from your website inventory feed. Not only does this make the process of third-party ad listings easier, since you will not have to add this information to every listing yourself, but it provides a high level of listing consistency. Your third-party listings, pulling vehicle details directly from your website inventory, are sure to be accurate and detail-rich.

Also being attached to your website inventory, our inventory distribution also includes real-time inventory updates as well as dynamic vehicle listings with the same level of customization you get with your standard inventory management. Real-time updates help so you know which cars need to be posted, and the system automatically marks sold vehicles. You also receive control over where your vehicle listings are displayed: we can send your inventory to any website that will accept the feed, giving you a wide selection of websites to list your vehicles on.

Inventory Distribution and Management for Auto Dealers

Additionally, in terms of our Auto Dealer Inventory Distribution, Ignition offers a separate and robust Craigslist posting system. This system also pulls vehicle details from your existing website inventory, but includes a range of customization options, including multiple pricing fields, professional ad layouts, photos, custom comments, and more. Additionally, Craigslist posting includes monitoring to track your ROI and leads, daily posts and listing updates, and even ad budget managing.

Our standard inventory management services allow for a base level of customization, where the details you can add or change are fed directly into your Craigslist or other third-party ad distribution. Inventory management allows for full-service packages or do-it-yourself programs, if your dealership is more hands-on. It also includes seamless DMS integration, photo packages and overlay customization, VIN decoding, and even the option for custom window stickers and buyers guides.

To learn more about what Ignition IDS can do for your dealership and your dealer website, give us a call today or fill out the easy form on the contact page of our website.