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Hands-Free Craigslist Posting

Set It and Forget It

Make Craigslist Posting as easy on yourself as possible!

With Craigslist posting, you may prefer to log in and choose the cars that will be posted each day. But as a car dealer, you may have more pressing matters on the lot. Lead generation does not have to mean a ton of work and monitoring.  Let us do that for you with our scheduled Craigslist posting services. We’re here to set it up for you and monitor it to make sure it’s posting when and where it’s supposed to. This helps to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.  Take the opportunity to speak with your account representative to decide how you want to start getting your cars out there.


It’s no secret that Craigslist remains the #1 classified site in the country.  It doesn’t matter if you have a new or used car dealership, you’re still selling used cars and getting a tidy profit.  The best place to advertise these cars is on Craigslist, but that’s not all you should take into account.  You also need to post your cars at the right time and on the best days for lead generation.  Do you know which days and times these are?  If not, then let your account rep help you set up a campaign and all your campaign scheduling.  Then all you have to do is watch the leads come in and make sure your sales reps can turn them into sales!


Scheduled Craigslist Posting


As a car dealer, it is important for you to understand the best and least expensive ways to get yourself leads. At only $5 per post, you can reach thousands of people depending on your Craigslist posting location. This way, you have the potential for hundreds of leads on any given vehicle. If you’ve done your homework and priced your vehicles correctly, you can haul in potential customers each week. Our experts have been involved in Craigslist posting for years. We will recommend campaign parameters meant to maximize your ROI, but ultimately it’s your choice how you want things to go.

If you want more information on our offerings for dealership inventory posting on Craigslist, read our overview page for more information.