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Auto Dealer Craigslist Posting Service

Auto Dealer Craigslist Posting ServiceOne of the best ways to get your inventory seen is with third-party ad listings. To get your website its maximum exposure, Ignition offers an Auto Dealer Craigslist Posting Service. If your dealership counts on consistent, quality leads, Ignition’s solutions for Craigslist postings are made with that necessity in mind. Expand your inventory’s potential with dynamic, engaging inventory ad listings.

How Ignition’s Dealer Craigslist Posting Service Works

Ignition IDS’ Auto Dealer Craigslist Posting Service provides many benefits for your website. It helps to simplify the process of third-party inventory listings. Our Craigslist posting services easily integrate with your Ignition inventory management to pull vehicle information directly from the source. This integration ensures that your listings are not only up-to-date but are also as accurate as possible, so your customers stay informed (and come back to your dealership as a well-informed authority). Additional features of our posting service include daily posts of new inventory, daily pricing updates and sold vehicle removal, and listings that meet Craigslist terms of use compliance as well as your own state’s listing regulations.

The Craigslist posting service with Ignition simplifies your third-party listings in a number of ways. First, the service is based around a dictated monthly budget and includes budget management. This way, your dealership can predict listing costs for your inventory, and you run your budget out too early or too late. Additionally, these listings can be customized according to your preferences, including professionally designed layouts, custom comments for your photos, and multiple pricing fields. Also, we provide the ability to track your Craigslist leads with Ignition dashboard-integrated reports.

Why Use Ignition for Automotive Craigslist Posting?

Not only have the recent changes to Craigslist from free listings to paid provided many benefits for dedicated businesses by removing spam, fake listings, misleading ad generators, and ad gimmicks, but there are other great benefits to using this posting service. Craigslist provides better visibility for your inventory and the regulations lend better credibility to your listings.

With Ignition IDS, you get even more benefits than just those of postings alone with our Auto Dealer Craigslist Posting Service. We also have listing benefits unique to our postings service. These unique features include the ability to build your own ad layouts or use default designs directly from Ignition and Craigslist-specific custom layovers for your photos. Also included is the ability to create multiple overlays. And in terms of management, we also offer the ability to post to CL directly, a texting communication features, the ability to post whenever you wish, on demand. And you can even create custom posting schedules that include days and times for your listings as well as customization for pricing.

Find out more about Ignition, our Craigslist posting services, and how we can help your dealership with your website, management, and more. Contact us by phone today, or fill out the convenient form here on the website.