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Car Dealer Craigslist Posting

Car Dealer Craigslist Posting

Getting your inventory on your dealer website is only the first step toward successful online marketing. Drawing in leads, prospective buyers, and customers comes from your dealership’s online visibility. The best way to increase this is through Car Dealer Craigslist Posting with Ignition. Third party ad listings make the best parts of your inventory immediately visible to customers searching for cars every day, and with Craigslist even more so!

Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers with Ignition

Craigslist has become and consistently remained one of the top classifieds websites, and getting your vehicles listed is a key to getting more people seeing your inventory and dealership. Ignition’s Car Dealer Craigslist Posting is a beneficial service for your dealer site, allowing you to evenly compete with other dealerships by highlighting your inventory the way you choose.

The first benefit is that our Craigslist posting system syncs directly with your Ignition website and inventory management. The base listing is pulled straight from your inventory, making your third-party listings easier, more consistent, and more accurate as well. This only increases when you use Ignition’s inventory management, which includes a VIN decoding system to help you pull your inventory information directly from the car on your lot.

Benefits of Car Dealer Craigslist Ad Postings

But there are additional benefits of Car Dealer Craigslist Posting services from Ignition IDS as well. Our system for Craigslist postings allows you to dictate your posting budget, so you only see which vehicles you choose at the times you choose. With a disciplined approach to listing management, you won’t see any surprises on your bill, making it even easier to predict marketing costs than ever before. We also allow for alerts, monitoring, and reporting for your ad postings on Craigslist. Track your leads through your existing Ignition dashboard, giving you all of your website’s most vital information more accessible.

Additionally, Ignition IDS only offers the most high-quality of Craigslist ad listings. We allow for professionally designed layouts, custom comments and descriptions, multiple pricing options, and more. Your postings will occur on the schedule you set—usually daily—and these listings will see daily updates regarding pricing changes and even sold vehicle listing removal.

Ignition even has a few unique features designed specifically for our Craigslist services. We allow the creation of your own ad layout, Craigslist-only photo overlays, unparalleled custom posting scheduling, and even more! Find out more about the benefits of automotive ad postings on Craigslist with Ignition IDS.