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Choose Cars to Post on Craigslist

Choose Cars to Post on Craigslist

Maintain Full Control Over Your Craigslist Posting

If you are more of a hands-on type of marketer, we have the perfect system for you.  Our “API by Dealer” interface allows you to choose cars to post on Craigslist.  You can also decide what information is shown, as well as the Craigslist listing location.  This way you can post whichever vehicles you choose, at any given time throughout the week.  There is no limit or restriction to which vehicles you are allowed post, and you will enjoy full control.  This may be your preference if you like to post different types of vehicles each week, vehicles priced for quick sale, or for any other interchanging variable.

Our server connects automatically with your inventory feed, pulling in all information from your current data.  The information you put into your inventory data will show up in your Craigslist post as long as you want it there.  Therefore, once you log in, each vehicle in your current inventory (with quality photos) will appear in your posting area.  You can sort by date last posted, price, and other options.

Pros for Being Able to Choose Cars to Post on Craigslist

  • You can control which cars are posted each day.
  • You never have to worry about going over budget.
  • Maintain your own campaigns with extreme vigilance.
  • Dictate varying times at which the vehicles are posted throughout the day and week.
  • Allows you to choose cars you wouldn’t normally post with a filter.

Never Go Over Budget!

When you are choosing the cars to post on Craigslist, you have the ability to choose only the amount of cars you have budgeted for. While this is also easy to do using our hands-free posting tool, you may have a varying budget or want to post more cars one week over the other. Logging and deciding which cars to post gives you full control over your budget as well as vehicle posting.