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Car Dealer Online Inventory Distribution

Car Dealer Online Inventory Distribution

Getting more views on your dealer inventory is often as simple as making it accessible in more than one place. With Car Dealer Online Inventory Distribution from Ignition IDS, you have the right tools to get your inventory in front of more customers through dynamic third-party automotive listings, available for sites like AutoTrader and Craigslist.

What Car Dealer Inventory Distribution Does

In order to ensure the accuracy of your off-site, third-party listings, Ignition’s Car Dealer Online Inventory Distribution is a service included with our existing inventory management packages and services. Our inventory distribution uses details from your on-site inventory listings, making your inventory management vital to your overall success. This also helps to make your third-party listings easier, as the information feeds in from a reliable, established source instead of requiring time-consuming listing micromanagement.

This combination of service provides additional benefits. The first is that any custom comments or details added to your website inventory can also be attached to your third-party distributed listings. Second, since the information feeds from your dynamic website inventory, Ignition’s inventory distribution included real-time inventory updates. These real-time services allow the system to make vehicles as sold not only on your inventory, but removes invalid listings from your third-party sites. Additionally, you have the ability to send these listing feeds to any third-party listing that will accept the feed, which provides an array of different listing services.

Dealer Online Inventory Distribution and Management

Ignition IDS’ Car Dealer Online Inventory Distribution services include Craigslist posting services, and allows for a lot of customization to make your varied listings more dynamic. The ability to customize does not stop with just your inventory management, and actually allows for professional ad layouts, pricing changes, custom comments, and more, depending upon the site being distributed to. This way you get to promote your branding in line with your inventory.

Our inventory management services themselves also allow for a decent amount of customization. Here is where to add your comments on the vehicle, add branding and contact details to inventory photos, and other details. Ignition offers full-service and do it-yourself programs for robust inventory management, giving you the level of control you’re comfortable with for your inventory, whether you prefer to let the system handle it, or if you’d like to dig in and manually deal with your listings.

Contact us today here at Ignition IDS to find out more about our inventory management and distribution services, and how both can benefit your dealership.