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Call Tracking and Text Lines

The most effective way for dealers to see an immediate boost in sales is to get better on the phone. In today’s world, that includes voice calls and text messaging.  According to a recent survey, 76% of millennials say that texts are more convenient, 63% say texts are less disruptive, 53% say they prefer to text vs call and 19% state the fact that they don’t check voicemails as their reasoning. There are over 77 million millennials in the United States. If you’re not utilizing texting in your sales tactics, you could be missing out on 53% of your potential consumer base!

Ignition IDS phone lines give you the ability to track and record every inbound calls at your dealership as well as incoming and outgoing text messages. Additionally through reporting you can see how those calls are handled to help your store improve performance.

  • Never miss an opportunity
    See every call and text message your dealership receives.
  • Hold your team accountable
    Improve team performance with agent-level reporting.
  • Get insight at a glance
    Utilize easy-to-understand reporting that gives you the data you need.