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Responsive Website Design

Reach as many customers as possible with Ignition IDS’ responsive website design. Without responsive design, your dealership website is missing out on valuable leads and even more potential buyers. Not only to responsive websites come complete with numerous benefits, but they are both at the forefront of internet design technology, and are also highly recommended by Google due to those benefits. Responsive automotive websites allow for an amazing, mobile-friendly experience for online consumers.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

  • Tablet & Mobile Friendly
    • Responsive websites are at the forefront of web design trends and technology because of their adaptability to any device used; whether your dealer site is accessed on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, your customers are getting the same experience with no missing features.
  • Clean, Legible Website Design
    • While buyers get the same features, no matter the device, your website design also adapts to the device being used, so instead of awkward stretching and unreadable text, the website layout fits itself to the size of the device.
  • Product Accessibility
    • In today’s market, over 50% (and increasing) of product searches for vehicles originate from some type of mobile device, whether tablet, phone, or otherwise. Customers want accessibility on the go, and with responsive website design, your inventory, information, and every other feature of your automotive website are quickly and easily available.

How Do Ignition IDS Responsive Websites Work?

Our responsive automotive websites, in an effort to keep design clean, simple, and legible on any device, are primarily template driven. This allows for quick and easy customer response and direction, as well as helps keep the features your buyers are looking for prominent. However, just because the template is a reliable backbone of your Ignition IDS dealer website does not mean it will look exactly the same as every other dealer. Ignition IDS responsive websites also allow for customization options, and we also provide available customization services to help keep your branding message intact and make your dealer website fit the personality of your dealership.

Responsive websites include the same essential features you’ve come to expect from any automotive website, they simply adapt their look to best fit each user experience. The best part is that this is accomplished automatically through intelligent responsive design. Ignition IDS responsive websites are presentable and accessible across platforms and devices. Keep more customers through accessible automotive websites that make the shopping experience a priority, no matter the mobile or computing device.