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Dealership In A Box

Get all the products you need for your dealership in one place. One bill, one login, one great tool to help make your dealership a success!

Our full suite of products include:

  • A Responsive Website
  • Automated Craigslist Posting System
  • Full Inventory Management System

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

  • Tablet & Mobile Friendly
    • Responsive websites are at the forefront of web design trends and technology because of their adaptability to any device used; whether your dealer site is accessed on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, your customers are getting the same experience with no missing features.
  • Clean, Legible Website Design
    • While buyers get the same features, no matter the device, your website design also adapts to the device being used, so instead of awkward stretching and unreadable text, the website layout fits itself to the size of the device.
  • Product Accessibility
    • In today’s market, over 50% (and increasing) of product searches for vehicles originate from some type of mobile device, whether tablet, phone, or otherwise. Customers want accessibility on the go, and with responsive website design, your inventory, information, and every other feature of your automotive website are quickly and easily available.

Features of the Ignition IDS Inventory Management System:

  • Complete full service inventory management and do-it-yourself programs.
  • Customized photo packages to fit your budget and marketing model.
  • Ignition IDS software suite serving as a single point for all your online inventory management.
  • Daily updates to your website and all other internet classifieds, sent automatically.
  • Seamless integration with your DMS by automatically adding/removing vehicles, updating prices, creating specials (time stamp), etc.
  • Image branding with custom photo overlays.
  • Use our unique vehicle-specific overlay system to highlight vehicle attributes.
  • Robust VIN decoding for comprehensive vehicle descriptions.
  • Personalized window stickers and buyer’s guides.

How Does the Craigslist Posting System Work?

  • Ad Budget Management
    • As with other traditional media, our automotive posting service is based on your monthly budget so there are no surprises; we allow for dealers to predict costs for a disciplined approach to Craigslist ad posting.
  • High Quality Ad Listings
    • Our automotive Craigslist postings can include multiple pricing fields, professionally designed ad layouts, photos with custom comments and descriptions, and more.
  • Monitoring / Alerts and Reporting
    • Track leads and production that keep you informed of your ROI with reports integrated right into your Ignition IDS dashboard!
  • Comprehensive Automotive Ad Posting Services:
    • Inventory management with direct integration of your Ignition IDS inventory.
    • Daily posts of new automotive inventory.
    • Daily pricing updates and deletion of sold vehicles.
    • High quality ads compliant with CL TOS and state regulations.
    • Leads and transparent production reporting.