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Affordable Independent Dealership Sites

Affordable Independent Dealership SitesFinding an affordable website that competes on the same level of larger dealerships can often be difficult for smaller, independent dealers. This is why Ignition Integrated Dealer Solutions offers options for Affordable Independent Dealership Sites. Our goal is to make sure every dealer can reach the market they want without sacrificing services or functionality. If a larger dealership can do it, why not you?

How Ignition IDS Affordable Independent Dealer Sites Work

With our options for Affordable Independent Dealership Sites here at Ignition IDS, we make sure your website includes all the vital functionality you need to run a successful marketing campaign. All of our websites include a fully-functional inventory, have options for financing applications, service scheduling, dealer contact and directions, and more. Your customers will be able to use your website as their research platform, a tendency increasingly common in the digital age.

You also get other benefits with our independent dealer sites. Affordable enough to work for any size of dealership, our websites are all built on a template to ensure that you not only get all of the features you vitally need, but that your website is built quickly and efficiently. But you shouldn’t be worried about “template”: all of our Ignition IDS websites are fully customizable so that your dealership branding is utilized and reinforced, making the web experience unique to your dealership.

Benefits of Affordable Independent Dealer Websites with Ignition IDS

Our Affordable Independent Dealership Sites also come with other benefits, some tied directly into the template and design platform we use at Ignition. In addition to still being crafted uniquely to your dealership, this template that makes our sites quick and easy also makes every site we provide fully responsive. Responsive web design ensures that no matter what device your customers are using, they’re getting the same features and functionality out of your website. There is no need to code a second mobile website since Ignition’s web platform makes all of our websites conform seamlessly to the device used to access it.

We also offer services to maximize the utility and functionality of your independent dealership site with Ignition IDS. Among these services is inventory management, which can be customized to whatever level of direct contact you feel comfortable with, whether you want to be hands-off with your website inventory or want to control your vehicle listings yourself. Also available are services for Craigslist vehicle listings that work in conjunction with the management of your website inventory listings.

For additional information on Ignition IDS’ website or management services, don’t hesitate to contact us with the handy form right here on our website!