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DMS Polling

Spend less time manually managing your dealer website inventory and let Ignition do the heavy lifting for you with our DMS polling services. DMS polling allows dealers to shift your focus from your website to your physical car lot by pairing with your data management system. Automatically process your daily inventory reports to keep your website inventory up to date.

Secure DMS Polling Benefits with Ignition IDS

When you sign your dealership up with Ignition IDS, you automatically receive DMS polling services. Benefits of Ignition’s inventory data management include:

• Exclusive partnerships with numerous data management systems.
• Capability to securely import from over 100 different DMS.
• Updates performed on a consistent, timely schedule.
• Automatic inventory updates, like as pricing, sold vehicle organization, etc.
• Vehicle details, options, accessories, etc. interface updating.
• Secure and compliant information safety and control.

Ignition IDS Online Inventory Management

When you use Ignition’s inventory management system, you save your dealership time while selling more vehicles. Our system has been developed over years of expertise, industry experience, and with input from dealerships just like yours. This ensures that you get your dealership website inventory in front of as many potential leads as possible, as quickly as possible!

Learn more about the Ignition IDS online inventory management system.