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Responsive Independent Dealer Websites

Responsive Independent Dealer WebsitesIt should not have to be difficult for independent dealers to find a foothold in the automotive web marketing industry. With Ignition IDS, our Responsive Independent Dealer Websites are an affordable and accessible solution to auto dealers of any size. Our independent dealer websites offer the features customers have come to expect from any dealer they research and include features that help your website stand out.

What Is a Responsive Independent Dealer Website?

Responsive Independent Dealer Websites from Ignition Integrated Dealer Solutions are fully-functional dealer sites that help even the smallest auto dealer compete in the website automotive market. With an increasing amount of sales, financing, and even reputation research being done by customers online well before they ever visit a car lot, having a presentable website is more important than ever.

First, our independent dealer websites are fully functional and complete with all of mainstay features your dealership needs to market your inventory and services online. Our website auto inventory is completely manageable, allowing for customization of listings, vehicle descriptions, photos, and more. Our dealer websites offer functional credit applications to get you better, more reliable leads, and we offer other essentials too such as contacts, maps, optimization, hosting, and more.

Second, Ignition IDS’ independent dealer websites are all fully responsive. What this means is that no matter what device your customers access your website on, whether it be a search on their phone, home computer, or even their tablets, they receive the same features and website experience. There is no more need to code mobile “fixes” or secondary websites optimized specially for a phone, all of this adaptation is done automatically with responsive design.

Benefits of Using Ignition IDS Responsive Independent Dealer Sites

Ignition is able to offer responsive web design affordably and accessibly even to small dealers thanks to our template design system, which helps us also get your website up as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, “template” is not a bad word: our websites are still fully customizable and are still centered on your business and brand to help you gain a foothold and visibility in a highly competitive web market.

In addition to our Responsive Independent Dealer Websites, we offer other features such as reliable web hosting with 99% estimated uptime, a multi-user platform to allow your staff to manager your site efficiently, as well as options for inventory management, Craigslist posting, PPC partnerships, and more.

Find out what benefits Ignition IDS can bring to your independent dealership through responsive web design by contacting us through the form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!